35 % of food processed in school canteens end up in the bin. What’s the solution?
Provide attractive sorting points that encourage pupils to weigh their waste on a daily basis to make them aware of the reality of wasting food.
So all the solutions we have created have been imagined with the same idea in mind: that a sorting table should not be reduced to a vulgar utility product, but that it must above all be an attractive and obvious tool to use for everyone.

Our products

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Modules and options

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Stainless steel station for 2 and 3 bins with tray rest

Mobile quick-emptying collection bin

Integrated bio-bucket

Customizable marking

removable silicone « plate-tapper » surrounds

Optional weighing of waste

The strongest sorting table and hygienic on the market.

Each terminal and each interior bin are fitted with rollers to facilitate transport and handling. The assembly is light to be handled by a single agent and can be cleaned under pressure, hot with cleaning products.

The terminals are specially designed to avoid water retention and allow rapid drying.

Weighing to fight against food waste.

To set up an approach to fight against waste, it must be tracked down and the effectiveness of the solutions put in place measured. It is therefore essential to have precise information, if possible in real terms, making it possible to assess the situation but also to measure progress: Weighing the waste helps achieve this objective.

Simply effective.

TRIGO solutions optimize the user experience and make it easier and faster for your people to work.

Facilitate handling for
as little effort as possible

The mobile collection bin offers rapid front emptying to save you unnecessary effort and make the process more efficient.

Its retention base keeps liquids and waste in case the bag tears, so your environment stays clean.

Guarantee perfect hygiene for always clean and healthy use

The bollards and tanks made of high density PP allow rapid cleaning with large amounts of water without risk of deterioration making them wear-free. Passing removable protective flaps in the dishwasher allows perfect hygiene, in accordance with HACCP methods.


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