Greenoffice revolutionizes the world of sorting by drawing inspiration from new business cultures and design trends.

By creating innovative, attractive and efficient recycling solutions, we make recycling more obvious for your employees and offer your company savings in waste management.

Since its creation in 2004, Greenoffice has experienced rapid development, allowing it today to be located in the offices or restaurants of several hundred large companies looking for an attractive and efficient sorting approach that has proven itself.

So everywhere in Europe, thousands of customers have chosen Greenoffice solutions to optimize sorting and save operating costs.


All the solutions we have created have been imagined with the same idea in mind. That a recycling bin should not be reduced to a common utility product, but that it must above all be an attractive and obvious tool to use.
We have added elegance to fit perfectly into your workspaces and really make you want to sort.

Result: up to 20% savings in processing your waste.


Since 2004, Greenoffice has been designing and producing sorting baskets, collection points and a whole series of specific products to promote sorting in companies.
It has always done so with a single will: you make you want to to sort, by making products with an innovative design with a high manufacturing quality.

For all this to be possible and to have a meaning, Greenoffice starts with the essential, that is to say by you: the end user. We study the evolution of corporate lifestyles and we model products that meet new needs: ergonomics, aesthetics, productivity, personalization, …
So, there is nothing accidental if you find our produced in most banks, in many large companies and administrations, in museums, restaurants or in stations.

Listening to needs, design, overall quality, respect for the environment are not, for Greenoffice, buzzwords, but attentions, big and small, that accompany all phases of work in the company.

It seems that the result is seen in our products!

Try them out and find out for yourself.