Terms of sales

Preamble: Any sale made with Greenoffice entails systematic adherence to the following general conditions of sale. These prevail over all other general conditions including those of the other party..

Products: All the products presented on the www.tabledetri.fr site are intended for professionals. The texts and photographs illustrating the products are not contractual.

Command: All orders must be the subject of an official order form from the other party indicating the billing address, the delivery address, their SIRET number and telephone contact details.

Disponibility: Our offers are only valid while stocks last. When you order, we will inform you of the availability of the products you wish to acquire. However, if despite our vigilance the products prove temporarily unavailable (out of stock, reissue, etc.) after your order, we will notify you by e-mail and invite you to cancel or modify your order and / or delivery date. If the products prove to be permanently unavailable (exhaustion of stock, etc.) after ordering, we will automatically cancel your order and notify you by e-mail before reimbursing the sums paid for the part linked to products possibly missing

Delivery and Transport: Greenoffice undertakes to deliver orders to the delivery address and within the deadlines indicated on the order form. A delay in delivery cannot give rise to damages, withholding or cancellation of the current order. Delivery costs will be subject to a specific quote. For more information, you can contact our sales department on 01 40 87 10 00 or by email:contact@greenoffice.fr.

When delivery is entrusted to a carrier, it is up to the customer, in the event of damage or missing items, to immediately make all the necessary observations on the transport documents and to confirm their reservations by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, from Greenoffice within three days of receiving the goods (Art. L133-3 of the Commercial Code). In case the recipient does not respect this clause, his responsibility will be engaged and no further complaint will be taken into account. In all cases, the risk of loss or deterioration of products and materials is transferred to the customer as soon as they leave Greenoffice warehouse.

Garantee: All equipment and products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of receipt by the customer, against any manufacturing defect or material defect. The warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of equipment recognized as defective, to except for consumables and accessories The fact of repairing or replacing a product does not give the right to an extension of warranty on said product.

In all cases, normal wear and tear of the equipment, deterioration, accident due to negligence, monitoring, maintenance of the equipment, faulty installation or not in accordance with the seller's recommendations, cannot be cases covered by warranty.

Responsabilities: The materials and products offered on the site comply with French law and European rules in force. If an order is intended for the foreigner, the customer must first ensure the conformity of the products with the applicable legislation. The customer must in particular ensure with local authorities of any import restrictions or conditions of use of the products ordered.

In all cases, Greenoffice cannot be held responsible for the consequences caused by its equipment for other goods and / or any direct or indirect damage.

Price: Our price list is available on request by email contact@greenoffice.fr or to our sales department 01 40 87 10 00 and our price is guaranteed for one calendar year. In the case of special orders, the prices are valid until the validity date mentioned on the estimate. All prices do not include taxes and delivery costs if this is not specified.

Payment: Invoices are payable 30 days after receipt of invoice by bank transfer or check, knowing that payment is effective when the amounts are credited to the account. Any failure to settle when the invoice is due will result in late payment penalties equal to the interest rate applied to the European Central Bank increased by 10 points These interests are due from the date of the first day after the due date, until the effective payment. In addition, in the event of recourse to legal proceedings to reach payment, a penalty equal to 10% of the sums due will be due. There is no discount for early payment.

Failure to pay a single due invoice results in immediate payment of all outstanding invoices that are not yet due, and the suspension or cancellation (at Greenoffice's option) of all open orders.

Retention of title: It is expressly understood that Greenoffice retains full and exclusive ownership of the goods sold until full payment of its price. In this regard, the delivery of bills of exchange or other securities creating an obligation to pay cannot constitute payment.

Discount for early payment: 0.5%. In the event of late payment, a penalty equal to the refinancing rate of the ECB increased by 10 points will be invoiced, to which is added a fixed compensation for recovery costs set at € 40 (c. Com. Art. D. 441 -5).

Litigation and competent jurisdiction: In the event of a dispute, the client company and / or its representative will first contact GREENOFFICE to find an amicable solution except in the event of non-payment. The substantiated complaint will be made in writing and addressed to the company GREENOFFICE, in particular by fax or registered mail. Failing agreement within a month of the occurrence of said dispute, the parties agree, by common agreement, that all disputes arising from the conclusion and execution of contracts between the company GREENOFFICE and its customers, legal persons, will be brought before the Commercial Court of Nanterre seized by the most diligent party, even in case of plurality of defendants or call in guarantee.

Applicable right: The law applicable to GREENOFFICE / client company contractual relationships is French law. However, this right will only apply to relationships beyond what has not been provided for in these general conditions of sale. .